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    This book is a study of the diaspora from the world in the Greater Los Angeles Metro Area (GLAMA).

    The idea for the “To Los Angeles” series came from research done at Frontier Ventures, by Jerome Hannaman. Over many years Jerome created a database of more than three hundred people groups/languages present in GLAMA. Not satisfied with just gathering information, Jerome wanted to share his knowledge and move individual Christians and churches to reach out to people from around the world in our back yards.

    Two recent books have shown the value of diaspora studies done at a city level:

    Dr. John Mayer created Cityview Report and City Vision, an in-depth report about Minneapolis, Minnesota, produced by Global Impact Center, City Reaching Center and Strategic Information Center ministries. He has given very important information about the churches and ethnic people of the Minneapolis.  

    Chris Clayman's book called ethNYcity has been a role model for reporting ethnic groups in a modern metropolis. The research and response to ethNYcity has led to an organization called Global Gates, focused on reaching the world that has moved to cities that have become gates or portals of entry.

    Ethno LA is a cooperative effort of Jerome Hannaman, Gerry Gutierrez, and Don Overstreet, with help from Kallie-Jo (Wolf) Ho, who form the Ethno LA Network, dedicated to knowledge stewardship. These researchers want to provide an overview of the life, spirituality, location and communities of the people from the world living among us, so that local believers can understand and love their neighbors.

    Since 2011 they have collaborated in sharing the results of their research by authoring and publishing:

    The Ethno LA Network is aware that there is much more to learn about the new people of GLAMA, and we invite other diaspora researchers to join us in sharing about religions, people and cultures in GLAMA. But the most important knowledge that we want to share is the wonderful love of God for migrants who roam the land, skies and seas to get to GLAMA, and of HIS migrant son, Jesus Christ, who left His home to seek and redeem us all.

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