This book is a study of the diaspora from the world in the Greater Los Angeles Metro Area (GLAMA). The idea for the “To Los Angeles” series came from research done at Frontier Ventures in Pasadena, California. Jerome Hannaman created a database of more than 300 people groups/languages that are in GLAMA and is the driving force for sharing information about diaspora people in a written publication.

The authors and contributors to this project want to provide an overview of the life, spirituality, location, and communities of the world living among us. We pray that individual Christians and churches learn about and then reach out to the mission field in our back yard.

The Church is responsible for representing Christ to these people, and the long-time residents of Los Angeles have the privilege of reaching out to love, serve, and witness with open hearts and arms.

- From the Forward

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Presenting the Book Ethno LA Raises The Bar On Studies Of MegaCities

“Jerome Hannaman, Gerry Gutierrez, Don Overstreet and Kallie-Jo Ho have done a super job on Ethno LA: Reaching the Nations, Tongues, and People of the Greater Los Angeles Metro Area. Our only regret about this book is that we don’t have similar works yet for the other 39 or so cities with 10 million or more population. This is a brand new work to be available in December. Packed with profiles of every significant ethnicity in the metro area, plus maps and more, this beautiful 176-page work would look great on your coffee table. The print is incredibly clear and, frankly, it’s an extremely professional production with color that ‘pops.’ If I were a megachurch pastor in LA, I would ask my staff to pray through this book one profile at a time, one day at a time. In fact, even though I’m NOT a megachurch pastor in L.A., I’m still going to pray through it — because…

Should we not be concerned with the welfare of this city?  You’re going to love this book.”

–Doug Lucas at

“What a service to the Body of Christ this resource represents! This kind of descriptive summary is absolutely fundamental to see the Kingdom of God grow and thrive in a multi-ethnic metropolis. It is meticulously researched and contains demographic and historical information about every migrant population in the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area. It is also peppered with fascinating cultural tidbits and vital statistics about GLAMA's most diverse communities. May God raise up teams such as this group of author-researchers to create tools of this kind for every heterogeneous center in the world. What a gift to the worldwide Church that would be!”

– Larry and Stephanie Kraft, Community of Mission Information Workers, Mission Commission- World Evangelical Alliance

“I would like to recommend Ethno LA to everyone in Southern California. This important book will help all believers understand the many nations and languages represented here. We have the great privilege of being ambassadors to many who know little about our Lord.  This book will show us who our new neighbors are, and how to reach out to them with love and grace in a way they will understand. I pray many churches and Christians will respond to this special opportunity.

You can reach out to people from all over the world who the Lord is bringing right to our doorsteps. You don’t need a passport or visa, you don’t need to take long plane, bus, or other rides. People are here, they are waiting to hear about Jesus. Please use this book as a nudge to join the Lord on this exciting adventure.”

– Larry Phillips, Executive Director/President, Global Grace

“Ethno LA is a book that mentions many of the more than 300 nations that are in the Greater Los Angeles Metro Area. I recommend this book to churches that desire to reach the ethnic people groups in Los Angeles. God is bringing the nations within our reach, there are no excuses to sharing the gospel with them.  Let’s begin by asking God what ethnic people group He wants us to reach and disciple, let’s prepare by researching more about this people group. We want to obey the command given by our Lord Jesus Christ to go and take the gospel to the whole human race. But what are we doing as the evangelical church to make this command a reality?  God’s love for all the ethnic groups is great, and he wants all come to repentance, but how can they repent if there is no one to preach to them and tell them about Jesus?”

– Rev. Carlos España, Missions Director, Southern Pacific District of the Assemblies of God

“Motivated by Christ's command to ‘make disciples of all nations or people groups’, (Matt 28:19), American Christians have led mission efforts among ethnic groups throughout the world for over a century. At the same time, these people groups have been immigrating to the United States and have largely gone unnoticed by the church. Ethno LA provides much needed research on one of the most strategic cities in the most strategic country in the world to reach a variety of unreached people groups. The book also provides insightful tools to assist the church in forming relationships, and sharing Christ, with these peoples. Ethno LA is an essential resource for not only Christians in the Greater Los Angeles Metro Area, but also any Christian who wants to understand the strategic mission gateways to the world that American cities have become.”

– Chris Clayman, Author, ethNYcity and Superplan, Associate Director and Co-Founder,  Global Gates

“God has brought the ‘ends of the Earth,’ the world’s least-reached people groups to great American Gateway cities like Los Angeles. Ethno LA is an invaluable road map for locating, engaging, and reaching these people’s for Christ. Every Church in Southern California should have multiple copies circulating among their members! The body of Christ owes a debt of gratitude to the researchers and compilers of Ethno LA.  I heartily recommend this book to any and all Great Commission Christians.”

 – Dr. David Garrison, President, Global Gates, Author, Church Planting Movements, A Wind In The House Of Islam

“Ethno LA provides an intriguing tour of the Los Angeles basin’s peoples who have been drawn here from the four corners of the earth. It is a great “coffee table” book and conversation starter. But beyond pictures and statistics, it challenges us to consider whether God himself has not orchestrated these migrations so that these peoples might have a greater opportunity to know Him (Acts 17:26-27). For the Church in Los Angeles, sharing the love of Jesus with these peoples requires the simple obedience of reaching out to our new neighbors. Let’s do it”!

– Dr. Jonathan P. Lewis, Vice President Programs, William Carey International University

“EthnoLA: Reaching the Nations, Tongues, and People of GLAMA” is your companion to understanding the peoples within the Greater Los Angeles Metro Area. Having spent most of my missionary career identifying and listing people groups, speaking and training people to discover the peoples in their communities, I can’t think of a more practical guide to understanding the nations within our nation. The format reminds me of a similar book by Chris Clayman in NYC, and I know there are other books and guides emerging. Together, they help us connect with each other and help connect loving churches to those God is bringing to our country. My congratulations to Jerome Hannaman, Gerry Gutierrez, Don Overstreet and others who provided this roadmap. Now let’s do something significant with this so that these may hear!

- Jim Haney, Director of Global Research, International Mission Board

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